As a psychologist, psychoanalyst, coach, and psychotherapist, I have had extensive training and experience in the treatment of many disorders and issues. I work in a conveniently located office in Downtown Ottawa – on Gilmour Street between Kent and Bank Streets. Below, you will find a list of the types of therapy I can provide:

  • Anxiety Therapy & Treatment
  • Depression Treatment / Depression Help
  • Character & Personality Analysis
  • Therapy for Emotional Trauma
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Bereavement & Dealing with Loss of a Loved One
  • Midlife Crisis Therapy

Life is a process of becoming.  Who we were yesterday is not who we are today or who we will become tomorrow.  Yet we may have a fear that we are missing out on some experience or some relationship that is just beyond our reach.  We may not be able to tolerate the transition of the journey, and feel that we absolutely need to get there now.  Anything less is painful.

Happiness is a universal human goal; no one wants to feel pain.  To this end, we have given ourselves a variety of goals that we have decided will help us achieve happiness.  When these do not result in happiness, we do not understand why we have failed.  The reason is because we cling to a state that used to bring us happiness but now no longer does.  We may not realize that we need to give up old ways of doing things or familiar ways of relating to others.  Most significantly, we have become so busy that we have even lost the knack of relating to ourselves.

If we do not know ourselves, we cannot know what is right or wrong with our lives because we may not really know what gives us satisfaction (pleasure) or disappointment (pain).  We may make assumptions about what we want out of life based on what others in our social sphere seem to want.  But, if something stops us from reaching these goals, or we do reach them only to discover that they do not bring the satisfaction we expected, we feel puzzled.  We are stuck.

The paradox of change is that we seek it to find happiness but it always involves pain. Think of changing to a new exercise regimen that works previously neglected muscles:  It hurts until those muscles learn what to do.  It is the same with unfamiliar behaviours, feelings, attitudes, and ways of relating.  New is not us.  Yet we can only learn from new experience and that involves sometimes making painful mistakes as we learn, or experiencing our past pain to discover how we stopped letting ourselves learn.

Some people have asked me “Why can’t you just hypnotize me and wake me up when it’s all over?”  Well, we cannot learn when we are unconscious because we have to feel in order to make our experiences meaningful.  We need to learn to consciously experience pleasure along with the gamut of human feelings to make life truly fulfilling.  To feel deeply is to learn how to make better choices in order to grow.

My approach to working with you is based on understanding, insight and support to help you with the life challenges you are facing so that you might succeed in your personal and professional goals.  With over 25 years of experience, I help you build your capacity for self-reflection so that you might move toward finding greater meaning and direction in your life.

Psychologist Ottawa